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Lamsco West, Inc.

Santa Clarita, California-based Lamsco West, Inc. is the largest single manufacturer of shims and laminated shim stock in the world.

The holder of many prestigious performance accolades for exemplary quality and delivery ratings, Lamsco’s integrated business systems are the most sophisticated in use in the industry today.

Lamsco’s class-leading systems are complemented by state-of-the-art factory controls, which make extensive use of electronic visual displays for monitoring performance and efficiency in real time at each production cell.

Lamsco holds approvals from all North American airframe manufacturers and their major tier one suppliers and has particular expertise in managing complex, high-volume logistics, including EDI-controlled min/max systems

Facility size:  75,000 square feet  

Key Process Capabilities...

  • Customer standards & engineered details
  • Laminated shimstock
  • Metallic, thermoplastic, composite & hybrid materials
  • Specialists in composite shims, fillers & shim panels
  • Comprehensive manufacturing processes:
    • Chemical conversion
    • Laminating
    • 5-Axis CNC machining
    • Water jet cutting
    • High-speed routing & composite core cutting
    • Forming, pressing, and shearing
  • Testing & special processes
  • Bench-top sub-assemblies
  • Kitting
  • VOI
  • Complex logistics management
  • Extensive design software
    • Autodesk AutoCAD
    • Dassault Systèmes CATIA
    • FlowCut & FlowPath
    • Mastercam
    • Siemens NX
    • Dassault Systèmes Solidworks
    • Striker Systems CAD/CAM
    • Verisurf Validate

Site Approvals & Accreditations...

•    Airbus
•    Bell Helicopter
•    Boeing
•    Bombardier
•    Gulfstream
•    Lockheed Martin
•    Northrop Grumman
•    Sikorsky
•    Many others…
•    Certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100.

Customer Standards - Common Boeing standards:

  • BACF33C
  • BACF33D
  • BACF3F
  • BACF3H
  • BACF3J
  • BACF3K
  • BACF3L
  • BACF3M
  • BACF3T
  • BACF3U
  • BACF3V
  • BACF3W
  • BACF3Y
  • BACF3Z
  • BACS40R
  • BACS40T
  • BACS40U
  • BACS40V
  • BACS40X
  • BACS47G
  • BACS47H


How to Find Us...

Lamsco West, Inc.

29101 The Old Road, 
Santa Clarita, 
CA 91355.
Tel:  +1 661 295 8620
Fax:  +1 661 295 8626

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