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Bolsan Company, Inc.

Located in a modern manufacturing facility in Western Pennsylvania, Bolsan Company, Inc. has been manufacturing laminated sheet materials and shims for aerospace, medical and general industrial applications for over 30 years.

Bolsan offers a fast and reliable turnaround service regardless of batch size, and carries inventory of a wide range of both laminated and solid materials to support rapid order fulfilment.

With its flexible production system, Bolsan has considerable experience in supporting emergent as well as scheduled demand for laminated sheets, solid and laminated shims and fillers and small engineered details.

Facility size:  20,000 square feet   

Key Process Capabilities...

•    Laminated shimstock 
•    Full range of materials
•    Customer standards & engineered details
•    Full face and edgebond shims
•    Testing & special processes
•    Bench-top sub-assemblies
•    Kitting
•    VOI
•    Complex logistics management

Site Approvals & Accreditations...

•    Boeing
•    Bombardier
•    Gulfstream
•    Lockheed Martin
•    Many others…
•    Certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100.

Customer Standards - Common Boeing standards:

  • BACF33C
  • BACF33D
  • BACF3F
  • BACF3H
  • BACF3J
  • BACF3K
  • BACF3L
  • BACF3M
  • BACF3T
  • BACF3U
  • BACF3V
  • BACF3W
  • BACF3Y
  • BACF3Z
  • BACS40R
  • BACS40T
  • BACS40U
  • BACS40V
  • BACS40X
  • BACS47G
  • BACS47H


How to Find Us...

Bolsan Comany, Inc.

163 Linnwood Road,
Eighty Four,
PA 15330
Tel:  +1 724 225 0446
Fax:  +1 724 225 8268

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