Global Leaders
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Global Leaders
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Global Leaders
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Global Leaders
in Gap Management..

Our components can be found deep within the structure, propulsion and landing gear systems of almost every aircraft flying today, as well as in many other engineered products, vehicles, machinery and equipment.

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The primary function of a shim or filler is to provide rapid, cost-effective, dimensional adjustment within a mechanical assembly to compensate for: tolerance build up, alignment issues and wear.

By using a correct shim, manufacturing and tooling costs can often be saved by engineering components required to be joined to form a single assembly, to wider initial tolerances. Secondary functions include isolation of different materials types, vibration dampening and shielding. 

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With modern plant and equipment, an engrained lean philosophy, and the latest optical and ultrasonic test and inspection equipment, you can be assured of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. 

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In a league of its own, Shimtech is the only shim manufacturer in the world with multiple manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America.

Shimtech is the World’s largest specialist shim manufacturer, by some considerable margin.

With a vertically integrated business, we are the only shim manufacturer in the world to fabricate CFRP and GFRP shimstock to customer specifications.

Shimtech has a dedicated R&D team researching new materials and processes to help our customers find efficient ways to reduce cost, weight and assembly cycle times.

We have extensive in-house engineering resources specializing in automation, materials, processes, design, and manufacturing.

With state-of-the-art automated manufacturing and machine tools, supported by proprietary digital shop floor management systems, we have invested heavily to provide our customers with precision components at the lowest possible cost.

Our size, scale, and systems advantage means we can support our customers with flexible logistics and custom inventory management solutions anywhere in the world.   Our systems routinely handle well over 60,000 individual shipments every year.  We ship over 10 million parts every year.

Shimtech is trusted by every major aerospace OEM; we hold an unrivaled list of customer and special process approvals.

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Shimtech’s Gap Management businesses hold approvals from all of the major aircraft manufacturers and many of their tier one suppliers.  Please contact us should you require any further information.

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